Wednesday, June 29, 2011

so… almost 11 weeks, huh?

I’ve been silent here since the day we headed off to the hospital almost 11 weeks ago.  Oops.

We’ve been a little busy… but as it’s been pointed out to me, all of what has been keeping us busy is blog-worthy so here’s a bit of recap.

I had the baby:

which is a story I’ll tell you sometime since things got a wee bit dramatic.  Miss P arrived 18 April at 7:04pm, weighing in at a teeny 6lb 10oz (not teeny for some but teeny for us), and measuring 19.5 in long.

Grandparents came to visit:




Aunties, both literal and honorary, came to visit:


(I really don’t know why I keep sharing this picture – I look like hell.  It must be that happy goofy grin on Auntie Lizzie’s face.)


Will went back to work while my mom came down and shuttled me around to various doctor’s appointments.

Friends visited:


We went to our first backyard bbq with the babe:


She rode the metro for the first time:

(though full disclosure, this picture is from her second metro trip.  There have been 3.)

I would say that she went to DC for the first time but she was born there so…. Her first trip to the Mall.


The babe got baptized and meet more of the family, went on a plane trip to Denver, helped us look for a new home, visited more family in Hampton, went to her cousins’ high school graduation, and is now hanging out while the packers pack all the stuff.  I’ll have to post pictures of these events later as I don’t have all the pictures yet because my computer ran out of memory space to hold all the cuteness!

We leave for Denver on Saturday.  We bought an inverter for the car so I can charge my laptop while we drive so I’m going to attempt daily road trip posts and maybe a few more to fill in the gaps.

But for now… the babe is calling me…