Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year I am thankful….

- for a beautiful, healthy, growing, chatterbox of a precious little girl

- for an amazing, helpful, appreciative, understanding husband

- for the internet to keep us all connected

- for Lowes which, most of the time, keeps me in supplies for my house projects (our local store has been out of my trim paint all week hence “most of the time”)

- that we have a house to do projects on

- for King Soopers for stocking Blue Bell and making my husband very happy – and it’s cheap!

- that we made a cross country drive with a 3 month old with no horror stories to tell and got to see so many friends along the way

- that I was able to see Dad before it was too late

- that we were able to see the whole family even if under less than ideal circumstances

- that my one brother has managed to totally turn his life around and finally get it all straight

- for planes to take us East for Christmas

- for friends who love us so much that they’ve already come to visit.  In particular, Liz who came to help while we were still buried in boxes and didn’t have a bed for her to sleep on.

- for the hematologist who says that there’s no need for blood thinners when we decide to have another kid

- that Will has a job again where he doesn’t complain every day

- for whole house humidifiers to keep us from being beyond overly dry in this arid Colorado climate

- that Mom came out and made us work our tails off and that she’s coming back on Tuesday!

- that' I’ve lost all my baby weight though that just means that I’m back to trying to lose the 15lbs I was trying to lose before I got pregnant

- for new/old friends to spend Thanksgiving with

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

animal sounds

I was trying to figure out what sound an elephant makes (since we have so many of them in the house) and, of course, consulted the interwebs and found this:

It’s cheesy but great for some reason and she loves it.

Then I got the bright idea to have animals to go along with it.  Mostly because I figured that maybe if I laid out all the various animals in order, I might finally remember how the song goes without having to play the video.  But also because we figure that she might find it even more amusing than she already does and learn her animals.

Animals in the song: dog, cow, duck, owl, cat, bird, pig, mouse, horse, sheep, rabbit, people, snake, chicken, frog, bee, donkey, elephant, bear, and lion.

We have, or rather I have, an assortment of various stuffed animals including a whole bin of beanies.  I was able to come up with 12 out of the 20 animals so not too bad.

Our menagerie minus the dog because its upstairs and I’m too lazy to get him to join in on the photo shoot and the unicorn is standing in for the horse.

We still need: cat, bird, mouse, sheep, snake, chicken, frog, bee, and donkey.