Saturday, June 16, 2012


well... it would appear that I totally fell off the face of the planet over here.

1. I got a new computer.  Yay!   But in doing so I made the jump to Apple.

Isn't she pretty?  I LOVE her except for one huge, gaping problem - an Apple equivalent of Windows Live Writer absolutely does not exist.  I'm weird and I really don't like having to be chained to the internet to write blog posts.  I also didn't know that they'd done a major upgrade to the Blogger interface (now I do.).  Mars Edit isn't a terrible substitute but it costs money :(

2.  I've been writing a bunch over at Sisterhood of the Whispering Crowns.  We may even finally get a new look over there too!!

3.  Someone may not be technically a toddler since she's not toddling but she's sure got the attitude of one.  Yikes!  I am NOT prepared for a toddler.  I had a clue about what to do with an infant.  I am at a total loss with a toddler.  I think I spent a few weeks wallowing over that realization but I'm doing my reading (parenting books are awesome) and we're just going to move forward.  And she's probably going to walk soon though I have a feeling that it won't be until after Will goes to Australia (yeah - lucky duck gets the government to pay him to go to Australia).

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about a bunch of posts that I want to write - seriously, if I could just think it and have it show up on the internet, I would never disappear - and maybe I'll write a few here soon.

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